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I wanted to let you know about my new web-based service I’ve developed at It’s a very affordable marketing tool that’s appealing especially to people involved in sales and others who maintain significant database of contacts. I thought you might like to look it over, and please pass this along to any other sales folks you know who try to keep contact with a database of contacts.

At, we help small businesses stay connected with their clients at a fraction of the cost of other contract marketing solutions. 

Our flagship service is a weekly custom newsletter & email blast service called Branching Out. For only $99 a year, you receive a new article every week to help drive traffic to your site.

Just provide us with your business logo, a photo of your choice and we develop a customized web page to display your content. We suggest three easy ways to use Branching Out to reach your client base: 

ONE-CLICK – We’ll give you the code to place a Branching Out “Button” on your home page. This keeps people coming back to your site weekly to read the new articles. One more click, and they’re back on your home page.

DIRECT LINK – If you use an electronic newsletter or email blast to stay in touch with folks, we can give you a personalized Web link that you can put right in your email. People can click to read the story, and then jump right back to your home page. 

COPY/PASTE – Want to put the article right on your website or in a blog? You can do that! With your $99 annual subscription, you have all of these options at your fingertips. 

Most people pay $35 to $50 an hour for marketing consultants to develop compelling content for their websites and blogs. With Branching Out, you have a team of professional writers, editors and web designers on your side, all for less than $2 a week.

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