Thoughts on LOST “Enter 77” episode

Along with the “Flashes” episode, this was, without a doubt, the best of season three to date.

As a religion writer, I especially enjoyed the back-story for Sayid and the forgiveness he received for past wrongdoings, and to see how it affects his behavior now. Plus Sayid is just a bad-ass, so any time we get to learn more about him is interesting.

At first, I actually got fished in by Mikail’s (sp?) confession that he was the last of the DHARMA scientists. My head started spinning with all the debunked theories. But then it turns out he’s just a big, fat liar, which makes much more sense.

I was glad to see that they developed the story about the Flame site, which harkens all the way back to season one. This gives me some confidence that we’re actually headed somewhere. I was also pleased to see Klugh (sp?) show up again, though she lasted about as long as a donut in Hurley’s pocket. Again, this suggests that more of the remainder of this season will be spent developing some of the dozens of loose ends with which we were left last season.

Regarding Locke, can someone please get that man some Ritalin???  He has less impulse control than my three-year-old son. We know he has a thing for games, but for crying out loud, if he doesn’t stop pushing buttons – or for that matter stop stopping pushing other buttons (see imploded hatch) – he’s going to cause the whole place to melt down.  Clearly the whole island is set up in ways to keep outsiders/hostlies from taking it over, so it’s entirely likely if Locke gets his hands on the wrong button, he could send the whole place up in a plume of flames.

Maybe at some point down the road, will curiosity kill Locke?  I know, he’s a great character, but would it be justice?  He’s a hero sometimes, then such a screw-up at the next turn. Let’s say you read it here first: Locke dies, though not likely this season.

The bit with Hurley, Sawyer and the ping pong table, though entirely unnecessary, was a fun addition. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?  Avalanche? Sawyer gets all the best lines.

Am I alone in not missing Jack at all? Can they leave him on the other island a while longer, pretty please?

Next week promises to be equally interesting.  It looks like we get to learn more about the island security system. We can only hope this promises the return of the smoke monster, and maybe some answers about what it is. It also appears we’ll learn more about Desmond, who is quickly becoming the most compelling character since Eko (sniff sniff, we miss you Eko. Come back soon).

My take is that, if they keep up this type of show for the rest of the season, they’ll keep fans’ interest, and all will be forgiven for the mediocre start.

Six and a half more days till the next show….

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